València marítima. Mirades i testimonis [Perspectives and testimonies]

AGUILAR CIVERA, Inmaculada, València marítima. Mirades i testimonis, [cat. exp.], València, Conselleria d'Habitatge, Obres Públiques i Vertebració del Territori, 2016.

ISBN: 978-84-482-6103-0

Following the discourse of the photography exhibition of the same name, this catalogue is structured around five main themes: ‘The first photographic perspectives’, ‘The collective imaginary. Cultural viewpoints’, ‘The image of modernity’, ‘Urban scenes’ and ‘Nazareth’.

Within each of these themes, the discourse is constructed through a combination of brief texts with a selection of images, all of which were on display at the exhibition, that offer a glimpse of urban stories from between 1850 and the 1960s.


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