Fiesta y urbanismo

JULIANA COLOMER, Desirée, Fiesta y urbanismo. Valencia en los siglos XVI y XVII, València, Universitat de València, 2019.

ISBN: 978-84-9134-482-7

The culture and heritage of a city are distinctive signs that give it uniqueness, define identity traits and condition its becoming. Something so obvious is sometimes forgotten when interventions are made on the architecture and urban morphology of the past and makes us lose an important part of the roots of certain places. Architectural works that were designed with a very defined objective, altered their meaning after reforms in which space reorganization firsted. For example, the space adjacent to the Baroque facade of Valencia Cathedral changed significantly after the opening of the one now known as Queen's Square; and the demolition of the wall in 1865 completely transformed the urban image of the city and, with it, its historical perception. The work presented here proposes to analyze the conformation of cities in their different stages as a means of registration, conservation and understanding.


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