Carteles y raíles

The Carteles y raíles [Posters and rails] exhibition is part of the activities to mark Mediterranean Corridor Week, led by the Valencian Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Territorial Planning, and the ‘Cinemaway. La obra pública en el cine’ project promoted periodically by the Cátedra Demetrio Ribes and the University of Valencia. The exposition takes a chronological look at the films of various genres (Western, thriller, comedy, cartoon, etc.) that have included trains in their titles or in the iconography on their posters, brochures and press releases, which tend to differ depending on the distributor.

Around five hundred films have been identified, half of which have been reproduced to create a visual essay that expresses the presence and development of trains in cinema in general, as well as in specific genres. What’s more, the exhibition analyses this theme through titles, genres, artistic styles, compositions, graphic design... The exhibition also features the video essays nominated as finalists in the ‘Cinemaway. La obra pública en el cine’ competition, the theme of which for this first edition was ‘Trains at the cinema’.


Vestíbul Estació d'Alacant
14 desembre 2018 - 13 gener 2019
  Veure cartel

Vestíbul Estació de Castelló
17 gener - 17 febrer 2019


Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia
5 - 11th November 2018
Estació del Nord
13th November - 2th Desember 2018

Luis Arciniega García
Desirée Juliana Colomer

Technical coordination
Manuel Carreres Rodríguez
Rubén Pacheco Díaz

Càtedra Demetrio Ribes Team
Luis Arciniega García (director)
Laura Bolinches Martínez
Óscar Calvé Mascarell
Manuel Carreres Rodríguez
Susana Climent Viguer
Desirée Juliana Colomer
Rubén Pacheco Díaz

Expositive design
El Gos Pigall


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