Yearly activities

Since its foundation, the Cátedra Demetrio Ribes centre has carried out a wide range of activities, including endless publications, exhibitions, conferences, workshops and training courses, and has catalogued various public and private archives.

Here is an overview of the Cátedra’s 14 years of activities, 2003–2017.



What is more, as the centre is part of the Department of the History of Art at the University of Valencia, an annual report on its activities is published in the journal Ars Longa, cuadernos de arte, which is published by the aforementioned department.

  Report 2017. Ars Longa, 27, 2018
  Report 2016. Ars Longa, 26, 2017
  Report 2015. Ars Longa, 25, 2016
  Report 2014. Ars Longa, 24, 2015
  Report 2013. Ars Longa, 23, 2014
  Report 2012. Ars Longa, 22, 2013
  Report 2011. Ars Longa, 21, 2012
  Report 2010. Ars Longa, 20, 2011
  Report 2009. Ars Longa, 19, 2010
  Report 2008. Ars Longa, 18, 2009
  Report 2007. Ars Longa, 17, 2008
  Report 2006. Ars Longa, 16, 2007
  Report 2004-05. Ars Longa, 14-15, 2005-06
  Report 2003. Ars Longa, 13, 2004

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