Ave Valencia-Madrid

AGUILAR CIVERA, Inmaculada (coord.), AVE Valencia-Madrid. Diálogos sobre el territorio y escenas desde el tren, Valencia, Conselleria d'Infraestructures, Territori i Medi Ambient, 2011.

ISBN: 978-84-482-5645-6

The railway system, like the road network, is essential for understanding a society’s spatial organisation. Railways represent territorial features, flows of people and goods, territorial policies, relations between different cities and towns, and much more.
This perspective has led us to observe and reflect on a region marked by a railway line: the Valencia–Madrid AVE, a route and transport system that has coincided with other means of travel and that has been interwoven with the history of the various societies it serves.
This is the aim of the book AVE Valencia–Madrid. Diálogos sobre el territorio y escenas desde el tren. To divulge the history of the territory crossed by AVE travellers at up to three hundred kilometres per hour. The book analyses these landscapes and their development over time.


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